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2018 is the year of the YOU!

2018 is the year of the YOU!

Is the world ready to rumble? Because I'm a fit opponent for all the trials that come my way and I feel truly bad for any challenge that, well, tries to challenge me in 2018. And you should feel this way too, as a person, a human being and primarily as a woman.

Ever heard the saying 'no one can hurt you unless you let them'? I have always lived by this, and it's time to apply the same theory to your lives because you are genuinely in control of your developing future. 

The older I get, the more I realize excuses are no longer feasible, I have never been dealt a bad card, and I am not less worthy of ANYTHING in comparison to Tom, Dick, and Harry. In fact, I couldn't care less what Tom, Dick, Harry and the next door neighbour are doing when I'm too busy shaping the successes of my future.

And let me tell you, when I say successes, you couldn't possibly measure that by dollars and cents. I'm ready to unleash my most authentic self and reign in all the glory that is my beautiful and fierce womanhood.

I want to share with you my top vital points that I feel helped me to own my place in this world as a woman and as a human being:

  1.  MARRIAGE DOES NOT DEFINE ME: And my confident husband knows this. He knows that he is my family and the most important person to me (aside from myself) but our marriage is built on the bond we both share as two separate humans choosing to do this life together. He does him, and I do me and when we both crumble for a second and need a little pick me up we become each other's footprints in the sand! You rarely see him on my Instagram because that's MY space and so it should be. I'm telling the story of my life, sharing my expertise and my love and bond with Seville. He pops up from time to time, and when I told him this, his response was "good!". I credit our respect for each other's individual identity as the driving force of our transparent and friendship filled marriage. KEY TAKEAWAY: Never lose yourself to circumstance, instead, put yourself in life situations that not only help you flourish but also lend to a home in which you can live as YOU!
  2. YOU KNOW WHERE YOU CAN PUT YOUR JUDGMENTS: Because I do not care. I don't mean YOU reading this, I mean those people who still don't realize that their opinions are not only unwarranted but of no worth. You know who they are. Everyone comes across them at some point, and we all fall victim to believing we should care. Others ill judgments and negative opinions no longer bother me since the very day I realized that the only opinion that matters is my own. Genuinely! As in I truly believe it in my core and my bones! I cant sleep at night if I don't agree with my actions and choices and that is all that matters. KEY TAKEAWAY: This only works if you also believe that your opinions of others are also of little value, so I live by the saying 'live and let live'.
  3. I DONT USE THE WORD FEMINISM: Why? Because I am solely focused on my place on this earth as a human being. I also really hate labels because they cause a degree of separation from you and everyone else that doesn't fall under that label. I am a fighter of woman's rights but under my own terms which involves not using the word feminism, not creating labels for myself and leading by example. I feel the strongest point I can make as a female is being the best woman I can possibly be and helping others do so where possible. KEY TAKEAWAY: Fight for your rights as an equal sex and do so as a human being.

Magic happens when we realize our own potential be that the potential of a male, female, boy or girl and when we do so as a humble human being. It's evident that many women still feel like they are unable to live their most fulfilled lives prevented by many roadblocks. So I wrote this blog to ask you to start focusing on YOU fiercely and claim your spot on this earth as the deserving human being you are!


Just a modern woman living in an ancient city...

Just a modern woman living in an ancient city...