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What does it really mean to be 'healthy'?

What does it really mean to be 'healthy'?

Over the years working as a natural health consultant at pharmacies, coaching my personal training clients or just simply giving friends advice, I wonder if they think I eat nothing but carrot sticks! Instagram is a perfect example of this, we see the good photos but we never see the bad ones, BUT, I can assure you that all your favorite health coaches and fitness model also eat 'naughty' foods (I actually hate that term, but you get me right?).

I personally don't believe in being strick, lucky for me, all the healthy food I eat, I enjoy very much. But when I feel like eating out or ordering takeaway I do and I thoroughly enjoy it without all the guilts, because I'm human. But I do have some very strong core beliefs such as:

  •  The food you eat should serve a purpose in your body
  •  Never diet. Start eating now how you plan to eat for the rest of your life
  •  Know your body. Have an allergy test, check your iron studies, how are you sleeping?
  •  Homemade everything where possible

And the last one, treat yourself but be smart. There are foods we eat for our health and then others we eat just to feed our soul. That includes dinner with your friends, or picking up a sweet treat on your way home just for you. Whatever it is that you love, enjoy it. For me its a pizza (vegan, from our local pizzeria)! Do I feel guilty saying that? Hell no! 

I'm realistic and responsible. If I ask my clients to stop eating foods they enjoy what I'm doing is asking them to no longer be honest with me. Why? Because it's IMPOSSIBLE to stop treating yourself. So they will and they just won't tell me about it.

Instead I teach balance and learning to eat for your soul in moderation and educate them on why we eat for our body 'most of the time'. If you have the foundation knowledge of what is good or bad for our health it is ok to indulge every now and then because you do so consciously. And no one single meal will make you healthy or unhealthy - this is something that happens over time with consistency. Consistently eat bad all the time your health will decline and vice versa. 

And who needs the food guilts really? And what does it actually mean to be healthy? That answer is individual for everyone. It's all about balance.

Eating healthy most of the time is ideal but so is going out with family for your favorite indulgent meal, every now and then, because that just simply makes you happy and happy is healthy right?

What does healthy mean to you?



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Just a modern woman living in an ancient city...

Just a modern woman living in an ancient city...

Homemade nut and cacao crunchy granola clusters

Homemade nut and cacao crunchy granola clusters