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A healthy morning routine (INFOGRAPHIC)

A healthy morning routine (INFOGRAPHIC)


This could quite possibly be one of the most underrated wellbeing hacks ever, and one of the easiest. Don't ignore it you guys, how we wake up sets the tone for the day.

A healthy morning routine puts YOU first because your the driving force in your day - the one that gets things done and powers your successes. So I think it's only fair to take care of yourself.

My morning routine prioritizes fitness, health and organization over work. Once your set with a full tummy and yummy endorphins than you can get to work - at your best!

Think how differently your day might pan out if you woke up late, rushed your work then forgot your mid-morning meeting - poorly I assume!

Below is MY version of a healthy morning and I hope to inspire a change to your start of the day. Having a schedule is the easy part but executing it is the hard bit so if you know you're the type that doesn't follow through on your intentions have someone hold you accountable.

Tell a friend, partner or even me about your intentions and have them check back with you in a month to see how you're going.

You're totally worth the investment, so I put it to you today - prioritize yourself!

xoxo Estefania

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