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10 things you didnt know about me!

10 things you didnt know about me!

Hola chic@s,

I wanted to do something different and fun this week, and I was inspired by a fellow blogger who suggested this exact post and here we are. 

10 things you never knew about me!

I want you all to get to know me a little better. I haven't climbed Mt Everest (although I downloaded the official training program after watching 'Everest' wholly convinced that I would), I haven't been to the moon nor have I performed heart surgery but this is MY blog, and I have (somewhat) interesting and fun things to share about me.

I did an Instagram post just like this last year so I'll try not to repeat myself but soz if I do. Some things are fun, some things are profound, and some are just silly!

Let's do this!

1.) In high school, I formed 1/3 of a hip-hop crew called 'Las chicas bonitas' I am still best friends with the two other girls, but we no longer spit bars. 

2.) I am a total empath. Completely. Totally. Absolutely an empath. If you're having a bad day, I'm having a bad day. If you smile and tell me your ok and everyone else is convinced you are fine, I will always know better. I can pick up vibes, feelings, words, sentences, thoughts, and anything another human wants to hide from me. You will never know it when you meet me. It truly weighs on my shoulders and tires me.

I can honestly tell you this is a disbenefit.

3.) I'm an introvert. The fact mentioned above probably has a lot to do with it, as well as self-discovery. For many years I think I just put myself out there and experienced new things because I never wanted to miss out and I am an incredibly tenacious person but the older I get I understand I am introvert. I also know that it's completely fine to be an introvert. 

I'm owning it! (I write this from my couch, cozy under a blanket, with my cat cuddled up to me and a glass of wine - talk about stereotypes!!)

4.) I spent a whole 24 hours with the Wu-Tang Clan. They sent a car for me to my apartment, and we went to watch the 'This is it' Michael Jackson movie at Crown cinemas in Melbourne, Australia. Afterwards, we grabbed pasta at the food court and head to a club. They were hungry after the club, and I took them for...wait for it...Kebabs!! If you're from Melbourne, you understand how clubbing and kebabs go hand in hand, and I can say I did it with one of the most iconic hip-hop groups to ever grace the industry!



5.) Let's talk dolphins. 

When I was in primary school and for a very long time after that, I wanted to be a marine biologist. I am obsessed with dolphins, and they make me cry every time I see them. When my father passed away, my father's friend gifted me a beautiful dolphin ring. I lost it, and I was devastated. I swam with them in 2009. In 2015 my now husband proposed to me over my favorite lookout with dolphins jumping the waves in the background. He (unknowingly) proposed with the same dolphin ring I lost.


6.) I LOVE DANCING. If there's music on and I'm dancing, I'm happy. These words were quoted at my wedding. It's true! And I'm pretty certain I'm good at it (I take that back - I am). Think dancehall queen mixed with reggaeton princess. I love it, and I breathe it!

7.) My husband and I spend more time singing than we do speaking. We have this weird thing where we speak to each other (partly to annoy and also make each other laugh) through songs. We mimic the melody of songs and change the words to stupid things. The song that's done crazy rounds here is the remake of Scooby Doo's theme song except it's dedicated to the cat and it goes "Mewsey mewsey mews where are you? Mewsey mewsey mews we love you!"

Why did I just confess that?!!

8.) My husband and I have made a conscious and unanimous decision not to have children, and between you and I, I wish people would stop telling me that I will one day. I am that person who absolutely loves my nephews, is SO genuinely happy for those around me who choose to have kids but cop a lot of comments about how my decision is temporary and that I will change my mind. We need to make strides in society to ensure everyone is accepted and all decisions are respected.

9.) I wish I lived in a tiny house like REALLY wish!

10.) Chauncy from BLACKSTREET (the r&b group who sang No Diggity) serenaded me on my actual birthday. Check it out!

Now over to YOU. I would love to get to know each and everyone of you a little better. Tell me the good, the bad, the ugly and the funny. Leave me a comment below.

*If you reached this point THANK YOU for being a loyal reader!



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