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The formula to writing a monster blog in half the time

The formula to writing a monster blog in half the time

Gone are the days of posting emoji´s in the comment box under your favourite post. Goodbye short chain comments! In Fact, it is now considered spam by Instagram if you should so much as drop a smiley bomb on someone's thread.

In the same respect, I'm here to tell you that a monster blog article can boost your SEO searchability and put you on Google's right side. The ever-popular search engine favours lengthy articles that are informative by ranking those websites higher than sites who are continuously posting solely 500-word articles.

It´s good to mix it up and if you're looking to include monster articles more frequently - I have a formula that will help you write that article in half the time. I´ve based this method on a 2000 word article.

So without further adieu, here is everything you need to know to write more efficiently.

Start by writing the intro and a conclusion. The intro should be 300 - 500 words and the outro slightly less but around the 300-word mark. So let´s say in total you have, between the two, 650 words, leaving you with another 1350 for the body.

This is where the magic begins to happen.

How to guides and articles are very much on trend at the moment, so I usually structure my writing around 10 - 15 crucial points that delve into and explains the topic at hand.

If you run with 15 points, aim for 80-100 words per dot point.

If you concentrate on 10 points, divide by three more specific points and write 50 words on each.

Always start on the points you are most confident with, so you can breeze through a significant portion of the article and power through with a boost of confidence for the rest.

Now let's discuss content.

It isn't ever enough to fill in the blanks just to fill in the blanks and readers will pick up on poorly researched content. So take the time to research information, compile some stats and always write about a topic that you're passionate about.

Before you hit publish, run your article through Grammarly to fine-tune your writing so that it reads professionally (unlike your daily slang!).

This formula has never failed me. For those who know me well know that I harbour OCD tendencies mixed with the perfectionism of a Virgo, and now my life consists of lists and structures for something as natural as expression and writing. But it certainly helps.

I am much more flexible in my writing when it comes to xoxo estefania because this blog is me opening the door to my home to you and on the daily, my slang is pretty casual. But when it comes to guest posts, professional writing or pitches this formula will guide you to your best writing in half the time.

So now it´s over to you. I would love to know your best writing secrets. Leave me a comment below!



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