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Acai Cheesecake

Acai Cheesecake


Acai Cheesecake, at my house, is certainly not a special occasion cake. It´s an "any occasion" cake. A just because, type of dessert, and why not - you should enjoy the simple pleasures of life without needing a reason to!

I have been obsessed with Acai since it became very popular in Australian cafes as an easily accessible, healthy breakfast option. In 2013 I became quite ill and could no longer tolerate dairy, or so I suspected, which was then confirmed by a blood test. I was diagnosed with Hypolactasia which spun me into a new way of living and eating and to be honest, it was very interesting and exciting. 

I got many questions like "how can you live without dairy?" as if it was a personal choice but being forced not to eat dairy helped me to realize how easy it can actually be.

We´re so used to telling ourselves we can´t that we never give ourselves the opportunity to realize it actually is possible.

Anyways back to my Acai obsession. I found a cute little cafe very close to home that makes awesome almond milk coffees and the best acai bowls. I was hooked! In fact, the obsession was so real that one of the girls that worked there one morning told customers they had run out of acai bowls because there was just enough left to make one bowl that she was saving for me!

That's what I call amazing customer service!

But since moving to Seville it has been a little more difficult to come across acai bowls. They do exist, but just not common enough to find them close to home. So I was terribly excited when I discovered a brand (who I now work for managing their social media channels - talk about the perfect job!!) who supply the BEST ACAI POWDER EVER. 

Sari Foods company, founded in 2012, are the geniuses behind this amazing, organic, pure acai powder that tastes just like candy. Eat it off the spoon, in smoothies, add it to chocolate and of course make smoothie bowls with it, but whatever you do, you HAVE to try this powder.

So without further adieu, this is how I chose to use this Acai powder, randomly, on a Tuesday afternoon (gone by Friday!!). 



200 grams cashews (soaked overnight)
150 grams walnuts
100 grams dates
60mls coconut oil
60mls oat milk
2 tablespoons honey (adjust to your liking)
3 tablespoons of Sari Foods Organic Acai powder
A squeeze of lemon
Melted dark chocolate (melted with coconut oil)


Soak cashews overnight. On the day, process walnuts and dates until they resemble fine crumbs (doesn't matter if the crumbs don't look very sticky, they will stick. Easiest base ever!). Pat evenly into a spring-form round cake pan (mine wasn't very wide as there is only two of us). Freeze for 1 hour (check after 30 minutes). Drain and rinse cashews. Process in a high-speed processor, cashews, oat milk, coconut oil, honey, squeeze of lemon, and acai. Go slowly with the milk and oil because you might need less or more, I didn't process until it was smooth and thin, it was quite thick and the end result was a fudgey cheesecake. This is the part that I didn't measure very well because I always go by taste and look. It should be around 60mls each, just add each ingredient slowly until you get the right consistency. Freeze for 3 hours.

Top with walnuts and drizzled melted chocolate, if you wish.

xoxo Estefania

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Spiritual exploration; the you on the inside.