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Top 5 tactics for growing your business on Facebook

Top 5 tactics for growing your business on Facebook

Gone are the days of being limited to local area marketing, newspapers, and magazines. There are an unlimited amount of clients out there that need your services/products right now!

You just need to reach them - that´s the hard part, right? No, not with my easy to follow Top 5 tactics to reach and engage your clients on Facebook. Read on to make changes today your business will benefit from tomorrow.


I rarely hear this being mentioned in other blogs that inform newbies on how to use Facebook for their business and it's so underrated. I´ll tell you why. No one is going to hire your services or buy your products if they don't know you or trust you and clients cannot get to know you with a bare profile or trust you without all the necessary contact and business info. So let me break it down with a list of essential tips that need updating now:

A bright, fresh and straightforward logo that stands out in followers timelines. Red has been a proven, trusted colour according to market research (think Virgin, McDonald's, Youtube, Netflix, etc.)

Update all contact info including address, website, email, various contact numbers and add a CONTACT US button!

What does your business do and what makes you different? Treat your Facebook profile like your ¨About¨ page on your website. Make it detailed and creative to engage your clients and inform them on exactly what you can bring to the table.

Your cover photo is important as well so choosing a HD image that is relevant to your business and includes your slogan


This is what followers see or don't (if you don't keep it consistent) and this is what determines whether they choose to keep following or tune out. Keep it relevant and genuinely valuable. If you run a Fitness business share articles on health, post quick & easy workouts and 5 ingredient recipes that your followers can benefit from. Don't copy other businesses, make it unique. There's a massive hole in this channel and opportunity to shine with original content. Dare to discuss topics that others do not! 


As I mentioned before, you will melt and disappear into the Social Media vortex if you do not post and publish valuable content consistently. The number of posts will vary so don't get too bogged down on the number, to begin with, focus more on the quality of the content and keep it coming. Increase the frequency once you get more confident and aim for a minimum of two posts daily!


It´s all for nothing if you don't engage with your followers and community alike so get out there and comment, like and respond to all the queries you receive. If you don't have the time outsource that service but make sure that none of your follower's comments & questions go unheard. Join Facebook groups relevant to your industry and network. Your next referral could be sitting there waiting for you!


Get to know your demographic better with Facebook Insights. The information you gather from analytics will help make your next Facebook ad campaign that more effective. Take it that step further and create a pixel suited to this demographic that is preloaded for your upcoming campaign. Insights are also the perfect reference for knowing what content your followers deem valuable.

Implement all these steps to stand out today. Your business deserves to stand out!

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Spiritual exploration; the you on the inside.

Spiritual exploration; the you on the inside.

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