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Spiritual exploration; the you on the inside.

Spiritual exploration; the you on the inside.

Everyone's version of spiritual awakening can differ so much. Some say it took a near-death experience to become enlightened, or some had some out of body experience. For some, it took just a cup of Ayahuasca. Not everyone's journey is the same, but one thing that is common and cohesive is the act of becoming aware.

¨Spiritual awakening is being aware. Aware of your thoughts, emotions, your skin, the wind and your pain. Knowing that we do not just exist and that our being, we have to take accountability for¨

Removing ourselves momentarily from our everyday norm can be all it takes to tap into our spiritual senses. To delve deeper into this and understand it further let's touch on some intuitive senses that tell-tale we are more than the person we appear to be.

Have you ever walked into a room and straight away knew someone was upset?

Have you ever gone to make a decision and had an inkling feeling that it wasn't the right one?

Have you ever walked home and taken a different road because something just didn't feel right?

That's your intuition. Your body is assessing and adjusting to vibrational energies around you that you cannot see but guide you to where you need to be and steer you away from wrongdoings. Just because these intuitions cannot be measured or proven by science (although Auras have, refer to this article) does not mean it does not exist. What you feel is correct, so start to listen and allow yourself to be guided by something other than your mind.

Spiritual exploration begins with you. Not the intuitive you but just you and your body. We must come to terms with our bodies, our faults, our shortcomings and our failures. We need to be able to look in the mirror and forgive who we are because just like everyone else, we are trying our best. Be at peace with your beauty, your shape and your every curve.

When we are at peace with ourselves, this includes no longer being at war with our minds we can then learn to gain our trust. When we trust ourselves, we are correctly guided.

Trust is key to listening to our intuition. How many times have we said to ourselves ¨that doesn't seem right¨ but dismissed the thought due to thinking we are just paranoid. That's not paranoia that's pure distrust of ourselves. How much are you worth the verification of your feelings? Be gentle with yourself and trust your decisions. Live your life according to the theory you will know how to live it best.

Do you know how to be by yourself?

Are you enough? Because you should be. What thoughts are waiting to be discovered in the depths of your mind? You can be an extrovert all you want, but until you learn to be alone, there is an entire aspect of your being yet to be unlocked. An element of your being waiting to be discovered to share with the masses. You are the key to your personal growth.

I consistently say to my husband; I love the elderly. And why? Because they have beautiful life stories to tell. I love traveling because every culture is so different and impressive in its own right. It makes you think outside the box you are in. From the day you get back after a trip, you start to act and think differently, and that's absolutely beautiful.

But, did you ever think you could learn from yourself? How much information, ideas, and ideals are lying deep inside you inhibited by the makings of everyday life. I would love for you start knowing you are the person that everyone can learn from if you just stop and listen to your thoughts.

That leads me to quiet time. I genuinely believe spiritual exploration can begin with meditation. Excuse the rhyme! If you just take out a moment of every day to stop and recalibrate, you can adjust your thoughts, feelings and tune into your intuition.

Spiritual exploration isn't just for Buddhists, Yogis or spiritual healers, it's a healing + growth therapy for all the masses. It shouldn't be a movement; you don't have to be a part of the #tribe on social media or wear it like the latest fashion trend. It belongs individually to you, and not even I can tell you how to find your spiritual awakening.

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